Fast Track

A new experience for established tech operators looking to give back and gain a new community.
First Round Fast Track is a brand new take on mentorship. This 90-day program matches incredible experts with First Round-backed founders and execs for 1-1 mentorship. Mentors have maximum impact on the next generation of entrepreneurs as well as access to a unique community of other spectacular company builders.
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The Spring Fast Track is underway, but we're already accepting nominations for the Fall Track!
2019 Fast Track
Fall 2019

Why Fast Track?

Fast Track delivers a remarkable experience for mentors and entrepreneurs.

After experimenting for the last two years across five cohorts and hundreds of participants, we've uncovered the secret sauce that makes mentorship work. Now we're ready to scale and find the operators who will help mold the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Previous Fast Track Mentors

What You'll Do As a Fast Track Mentor

Your time as a Mentor will run from August to October. You'll meet and support your founder or senior executive to help them meet the specific big hairy challenges they've set out to accomplish specifically through this program. Through bi-weekly working sessions, you'll offer neutral, third-party wisdom and insights, plus advice on how to:

Achieve their bold goals
Attack specific functional areas
Manage and lead
Navigate career paths
Recognize blind spots
Make connections and open doors

You'll have a massive impact on someone special in a tiny amount of time. You'll also become a member of our extended First Round Community through intimate meet-and-greets with First Round partners, coffee connections, access to our internal network, and much more. We're excited to amplify your work, introduce you to First Round entrepreneurs, and give you the chance to deepen your experience as a coach and advisor.

What Fast Track Mentees are Saying


1. Who should apply to become a Fast Track Mentor?
  • Founders, operating leaders, CEO's, and c-suite leaders looking to work side-by-side and share their own experiences as growth opportunities for their mentees.
  • Senior operators transitioning into advisory roles.
  • We highly encourage Mentor applications from women, people of color, and underrepresented groups.
2. Do I need a certain level of experience to apply?
  • Yes. You should have significant experience as an operating executive or founder.
  • We are looking for executives across a diverse range of industries and roles - design, engineering, customer success, sales, HR, product marketing, etc.
3. What is the selection process for First Round Fast Track Mentors?
  • The First Round Fast Track Mentor application is by nomination only. Nominate someone and we'll reach out directly to you or your nominee if there's a fit.
  • If you fit the experience level of a Fast Track Mentor, we highly encourage you to self-nominate.
4. Do I need to have been a part of the First Round Network previously?
  • Not at all. We believe in creating the most diverse community and are excited to open up Mentor nominations to those outside our existing network.
5. What are details of the program?
  • From August to October, you will meet bi-weekly with your Fast Track Mentee for 1-1 working sessions to offer expert advice about the challenges they face.
  • First Round will offer structure, programmatic support, and mentorship best practices for a seamless mentorship experience.
  • You will receive invitations to our launch and celebration events, Mentor coffee hours with First Round Partners, get connected with other executive Mentors, and have exclusive access to our First Round Network resources.
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