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Expanding Our Program

Given the high demand for this program, we’ve historically reserved most of the Mentee spots in the Fast Track program for team members at First Round-backed companies. But as we recently shared, we’re opening up spots in our upcoming Fall cohort to Black and Latinx founders or employees working at a startup (under 1,000 people) outside of the First Round portfolio. See our FAQs below for more detail on who should apply. 

Our Current Tracks

Applications for the spring are now closed, but we'd love to hear from you. Click here for updates on future sessions.

Your Mentee Experience

Mentorship is made up of the memories that you cherish long after the program — the “aha” moments that change the course of your career. Mentorship can help be your best self: whether that’s deepening your own understanding of your goals, receiving critical feedback and encouragement, leveling up in your career, and making new, long-lasting connections. As a Mentee, we’ll match you based on your goals, in addition to similarities in functional area and professional experience. You’ll also receive exclusive invites to virtual professional development workshops, curated learning sessions for your functional expertise, one-on-one coffee chats with other mentees, and more.

The Makings of a Mentor

Our Mentors come from different backgrounds and are passionate about developing people. Some Mentors are successful founders, while others are superstar directors or VPs at breakout companies. The common thread is that all of them have a valuable perspective to share, but more importantly, seek to understand before they give advice. They use their own learnings and candor to elevate the knowledge of others, helping their mentees discover and amplify their talents.

Your Mentor Experience

Fast Track is built on the belief that when you tap into the wisdom and generosity of a community, incredible things happen. As a Mentor, you'll join impactful virtual events in key areas of interest, such as angel investing, advising, founding and more. You'll receive invitations to virtual coffee chats, fireside chats with First Round Partners, digital experiences and programming designed to foster lasting relationships and deep connections.

Meet the Mentors

Some of our Mentors are former First Round founders, angel investors we co-invest with, top operators we've had relationships with for 10+ years, and brilliant folks we only recently met. Most of our Mentors have 10+ years of experience — but we make exceptions for people with an uncanny ability to coach and wisdom beyond their years.

Alex Schleifer

Chief Design Officer at Airbnb

Andrea Chesleigh

VP of Product at Boxed

Ashita Achuthan

Former Group Product Manager at Twitter

Aubrey Blanche

Director of Equitable Design and Impact at Culture Amp

Caitlin Collins

COO at Mango Health

Judy Abad

Global Director of Field Business at TripActions

Jules Walter

Product Lead at Slack

Kash Mathur

COO at Re:store

Kelly Graziadei

Founding Partner at F7 Ventures

Kelly Peeler

CEO at MoneyMentor

Kevin Flores

Former Director, Product Design at 23AndMe

Khalid Halim

Founding Partner & Coach at ReBoot.io

Kimber Lockhart

CTO at One Medical Group

Lee Anne Grant

Former Chief Business Officer at The Assembly

Matt Wallaert

Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health

Mike Boufford

CTO at Greenhouse

Mollie Chen

Co-Founder at Birchbox

Nina Wilkinson

Head of Customer Success at Lob

Peter Wang

CTO at Buzzfeed

Steven Jacobs

Former Product Lead at Facebook


Who should apply to become a Fast Track Mentee?

Given the high demand of the program, we’ve historically reserved most of the Mentee spots for team members at First Round-backed companies. But as we recently shared, we're opening up our program to Black and Latinx founders and employees at both early- and late-stage startups (under 1,000 people). Mentees can come from any functional background, whether it’s marketing, sales, engineering, product, design, people ops, and more. The common thread is that we're seeking people who are looking to learn and level up in their careers, either as individual contributors or a team leaders. We especially encourage those who may have had an unconventional path into tech to apply.

Who should apply to become a Fast Track Mentor?

We're seeking the best founders and operators at both early- and late-stage tech companies looking to work side-by-side and share their experiences with their Mentee. People starting companies someday - or thinking about it in the next couple of years, as well as senior operators transitioning into advisory roles. We're specifically seeking women, underrepresented minorities, and people who have had unconventional paths to tech.

Do Mentors need a certain level of experience to apply?

Yes. You should have significant experience as an operating leader, founder, or executive. We are seeking folks across a diverse range of industries and roles - design, engineering, customer success, sales, HR, product marketing, etc. Most of our Mentors have 10+ years of experience — but we make exceptions for people with an uncanny ability to coach and wisdom beyond their years.

What is the selection process for Fast Track Mentors and Mentees?

Becoming a First Round Mentor or Mentee is by application or nomination only. To nominate someone, please email julia@firstround.com sharing a few sentences about why they'd be a great addition.

Do I need to have been a part of the First Round community previously?

Not at all. We believe in creating the most diverse community and are excited to open up our Mentorship program to those outside our existing network.

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We are always accepting Mentor and Mentee nominations.